MedicActiV wins the “Caliber” prize at the Francophone Awards for Educational Digital Technology

In the era of mobility and changing education methods, the 5th International e-Education Symposium, organized on the initiative of Ecole supérieure de l’éducation nationale, de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche (ESENESR), is also a chance to strengthen links between France and Quebec.

MedicActiV, the first digital simulation platform dedicated to initial and continuing healthcare training, was nominated for the Francophone Awards for Educational Digital Technology [Trophées francophones du numérique pour l’éducation] and won the “Caliber” [Envergure] prize, which recognizes excellence in projects that combine digital technology and pedagogy in the Francophone world.

The SimforHealth team was there in Canada and is proud to have been able to present MedicActiV at this event, dedicated to learning in a mobile context and the transformation of educational organizations.