Motivational interviewing using digital simulation with the University of Montreal Health Center (CR CHUM)

Training nurses to deliver motivational interviewing to support their patients undergoing treatment for HIV.
This project was led by our teams and the University of Montreal Health Center (ou CR CHU of Montreal).

The CR CHUM, the largest research centre in biomedical sciences and health care at the Université de Montréal, is offering nursing cases via MedicActiV. This partnership supports the CR CHUM’s development project to implement and evaluate the training of nurses taking care of people living with HIV, through a virtual clinical case.

This pilot clinical case will enable Canadian nurses to acquire skills, through our MedicActiV platform, particularly in motivational interviewing techniques, a pre-monitoring interview on patients’ adherence to antiretroviral drugs.

Motivational interviewing is a counseling approach developed to help patients face change. Indeed, many patients can have ambivalent reactions when faced with major changes in their health.
This ambivalence is considered to be a very powerful obstacle to making behavior changes.

Gaining experience in delivering motivational interviews is therefore crucial to learning the techniques of this demanding and necessary counseling approach.

The University of Montreal Health Center along with Mrs. Rouleau called on SimforHealth to develop a pedagogical tool dedicated to training nurses who care for HIV patients undergoing treatment.

For more information please listen to Mrs. Rouleau’s interview as she describes how this exciting project is evolving.