Virtual clinical case : Woman of 40 years, with shoulder pain (General Medicine)

Using our authoring tool – MedicActiv – SimforHealth has created several virtual clinical cases, working with the University Hospital of Angers, an establishment which is very active in digital simulation in health and, notably, has its own simulation center.

One of the cases developed with this authoring tool recounts several consultations with Mrs Duchemin, aged 40, a virtual patient specially created for this Family Practice case. This patient suffers from shoulder pains as well as stabbing pain in the throat. In the initial phase of development, Dr Cyril Begue and Dr Clément Guineberteau – chief residents in family medicine at the University Hospital of Angers – wrote out the clinical scenario for the case.

Divided into 4 consultations, the case scenario was then entered into the authoring tool, with the assistance of the SimforHealth teams. Dr Bègue shared his impressions with us:

“It is a platform which is quite intuitive and yet at the same time one always wants to add possibilities for more interaction. For medical students, it is a tool which allows them to become immersed in a clinical situation. It is an attractive tool.

“Working step by step using the authoring tool, the creators of the case were able to choose the environment, the age, sex and origin of their virtual patient, and also all the questions relating to the doctor/patient conversations.

This tool – which has an educational objective – also enabled various quizzes to be set up throughout the consultations. The correct answers appear at the end of each consultation and allow the knowledge and achievements of the learners to be assessed.
Developed with 2 principal objectives, this case is aimed in particular at family practice residents, but also at family physicians in practice.

Indeed, this case enables one to become immersed in a consultation in a virtual reality setting. It provides an opportunity to reflect on clinical reasoning, initiation of treatment (rational prescribing and awareness of iatrogenic disease*) and to understand the particular features of work in family practice. Several cases have been created thanks to the collaboration with the University Hospital of Angers and in particular Professor Granry.

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